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We offer Fountain Hills & surrounding areas exceptional roofing services, quality included, at an affordable price.

Always up-front honest pricing, and a full roof evaluation with photos.

We are a roofing contractor in Fountain Hills, AZ rated A+ with the BBB, in business since 1990. Don't trust just anybody with your roof, trust a licensed roofing contractor who uses the correct materials and roof installation methods.

Making sure your roof is in the best shape possible is one of our standards. We offer free annual roof inspections on every complete job. Contact us for a free estimate today!

For residential tile roofs, flat roofs, & shingle roofs, we have two, five, & ten year warranties available. As a local roofing contractor we strive to offer the best roofing services in Fountain Hills, AZ.

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Frequently Asked Questions

tile roofs typically last 20 years, flat roofs 5-7 years, shingle roofs 20-30 years. All roofs should be inspected once a year. Always hire a licensed roofing contractor for all roof inspections!

Add in a few factors:

  • "What is my roofs age?"
  • "Is my roof leaking?"
  • "Is my roof energy efficient?"
  • "When was the last time I had my roof inspected?"
  • "Have I already had problems with my roof?"
  • "Will my insurance actually lower if I get a NEW roof?"

The only real way to tell if you truly need a new roof on your home is by having it inspected by a licensed roofing contractor. At Simon Roofing we offer a free annual inspection with every complete job.

Not only will we make sure your roof is built to last, we will keep it lasting with our free annual roof inspections & various warranties offered. Only use a licensed roofing contractor when replacing your existing roof.